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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jusy Sayin'!

And so folks it has come down to this.....I must end my love affair with chocolate. I tried to let him down easy and only have a few nibbles here and there, but then it turned into out right session of shoveling pounds of it into my body. It's a New year and I hate to make resolutions that I can't keep, so we'll start it off right for a least a few days anyway. And I would also like to let you know that I am about to sever ties with my bathroom scale. I have tried to reason with him as well, but he keeps on showing me the wrong number when I step on. Another relationship I would like to end is the Wii Fit, if you have one you know what I'm talking about. All the snide remarks and comments about how long it's been since I worked out and how it thinks I gained 10 lbs over the last year is beginning to make me feel like we also have an unhealthy relationship! I think the scale and Wii Fit have decided to become a clique and I don't do well with cliques. So it's all about tough love people, get rid of the negative energy in your life and just tell them all where to go!

Now I will go and try to mend my relationship with salad and see if Jillian Michaels will take me back as a friend. She'll beat the crap out of me, but at least I know she means well!

Hot Chocolate

After a rough week of being sick, tired and just plain exhausted, the little women in my life were able to make me reflect and see through their eyes for just a moment.

My 5 year old daughter had a really busy weekend, swimming, tobogganing, and visiting. Sunday night we told her to go and get ready for bed, to which she responded by stomping her feet and crying. We asked her what the problem was and she said, "Hot Chocolate!" Confused, we asked why, and she said, "I didn't get any Hot Chocolate!" This was right out of left field for me, but my husband knew what it was about. After tobogganing she was promised some hot chocolate but time became a factor and she didn't get what she was promised. She quickly got over this little mishap and went to bed. But it left me to think. She hasn't quite learned the art of saying, "NOTHING!" when asked what is bothering her, like so many of us women do! And I thought wow, she just spilled it and she felt better! She didn't bottle it up, she let us know! (Insert mental note here!) I wonder what life would be like if I just belted out what my "Hot Chocolate" was instead of leaving it for others to figure out! For obvious reasons, there is a time and place for spilling our thoughts, worries and/or gripes, but wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to "think" a whole lot before we speak sometimes?

Another moment through the eyes of a child was with my 7 year old niece, my daughter and their entire tap class. The girls were practicing their routine a few times, doing their best to remember the steps and watching their teacher for direction. It was awesome to see the determination to get every step just right. Then their costumes came in and they got to try them on, the energy in the room just shifted. All the girls were so excited to be wearing these super girly dresses with their shiny tap shoes! They did the routine again all dressed up and the room lit right up!

My niece, was doing her steps and watching her dress move and twirl along with her, and when she found her reflection in the mirror, that was it, she really turned on her moves!!!!

After they were done, and they were getting their applause from us moms watching, My niece runs up to me and says, "Aunty! I feel like a true princess now!"

I answered, "You ARE a true princess!"

Such pure joy was coming from all the little girls in their frilly dresses, and it made me realize the true innocence, and honesty that we all have, but it gets pushed down and hidden as we get older after some questionable life experiences.

How often do we as mothers and women feel proud of ourselves when we should? We give credit and praise where it is due, but not very often do we give it to ourselves.

When you are truly sad, mad or just plain frustrated and asked by a loved one what's wrong, answer them honestly! And when you are so proud of yourself for something that you've done well and it fills you from your toes to the top of your head with joy, then it should be told! Someone in your life will be just as proud, if not more than you are!

We deserve some "Hot Chocolate" with a side of pride every now and then!