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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where Did It Go Wrong?

Frustration, anger and disbelief has consumed me. I am left wondering what has happened to our world today and what makes people think they can control and hurt other human beings. What goes on in the minds of those that continue to do wrong to others and then in turn think that they have not done anything wrong? It wasn't their fault, or the victim is some how lying.

Our courts and justice system seem so very complicated and almost geared towards saving the perpetrator rather than protecting the harmed. We are told to stand up and fight for what is right only to have our personal power taken away by a judge on a technicality. In my eyes it isn't right, nor is it fair.

I support all the people in the world today that are taking a stand and are not playing the victim role in their lives anymore, and are trying to take back their power and have victory over their personal demons. All we can do is keep fighting for what is right, step by step, and hope that in the end the fight goes in our favour. I pray for strength and protection, for guidance and peace, for those that are in the midst of some sort of "battle", and hope that one day, somewhere, some how, a perpetrator will think about the person that is about to be hurt, and not just think of themselves and their satisfaction. Taking someones trust and personal power away is such a violation.

As a parent we do what we can and hope that when our kids leave our nest they will continue to be "good" people of society, and help others when needed. I am left wondering what happens next? I feel helpless when I see guilty people walk away free to roam and free to hurt others again and again. Innocent until proven guilty..... proving the guilt is the hard part, getting away with breaking the law is the easy part.

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