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Friday, December 10, 2010

Super Domestic Diva/Engineer!

Multitasking and busy took on a whole new meaning this week! The Christmas season is upon us and the BIG day is soon to arrive. Do I have the shopping done...NOPE! Do I have the tree up...YUP! (creatively decorated by my girls!) Do I have Christmas baking done...NOPE! (I did but we ate it.) So maybe like, or unlike, other wives and mothers I still have a lot to do! Instead of tackling the shopping I decided that finishing our spare room in the basement is far more important...and to do it without my husband's knowledge. (so shhh..he hasn't noticed yet!)

Almost two years ago we paid to have some rooms built, a spare bedroom, bathroom and laundry room. Problem being our contractor stopped at the drywall stage(he didn't like the mudding/taping/sanding junk) and we knew this going into it. We decided we could do the rest ourselves. Well a few coats of mud was put on and then left to dry...for 2 years. (I don't recommend that brand of mud by the way!) Looking at it every second day for a long time I thought I'd take matters into my own hands and just get it done already.

It took me four days to get to the ready to prime and paint stage. As I am in this room sanding, sanding, sanding I am realizing why dry-wallers get paid so much, and why my husband didn't feel the urge to get back at it! It is a painful, slow and dusty job, not to mention the fact that I have no idea what I'm doing, but whatever...I'm doing it! Even with drywall dust in my eyes and up my nose causing some really sticky boogers I still finished what I had to do! And then the final coat of mud was next...and this is where the fun began.

I found a BIG container of mud unopened, and of course it needed to be mixed. I found a drill with a large egg beater type attachment on it. (Well that must be what I should use to mix this pail!) Easy enough! I place the mixer in the mud about halfway down, bracing myself a little. Pull the trigger and before I knew it the room was splattered with mud, my pants and feet covered and the pail is on its side....(Huh...I guess it's a little more powerful than my hand mixer in the kitchen...note to self...a POWER tool has some power!
) Standing in awe of the mess I made in a matter of five seconds I didn't know what to clean up first. Elise pokes her head in to see what the noise is all about and says, "Oh Mommy..What you do?" "I don't know, I do not know." I answered. I get it cleaned up as best I could and grab a wooden spoon to finish least I can control that!

I worked until noon everyday to ensure I wouldn't be caught, made sure Elise was fed lunch (although she was in her glory as snacks were at her finger tips and Mommy's response to those snacks was "Whatever...I don't care!" which by the way I heard her telling her Little People that same phrase! Oops!) and supper was planned and prepared on time, laundry not piling up etc. Took the girls to dance and hair appointments, helped with homework, kept in touch with friends and family, and didn't neglect my husband at all!

I sanded for the last time today, it's not perfect, but not bad. I keep picturing the Holmes on Homes dude standing in his overalls and muscle shirt shaking his head as he inspects my work saying, "These are good people, just wanting some extra rooms...they didn't deserve this...always check out your contractors people, always check your contractors!"

Next week is painting and I just might get caught at that time with all the pesky fumes and stuff, but I'm hoping to have it done, with the bed set up ready for some Christmas company! I do have to mention that I have done all of this with my new set of gel nails and have not broken one yet! Shout out to Lindsay for keeping this Domestic Diva/Engineer beautiful/functional and at her finest all at the same time! I wish my fellow friends/moms/wives a successful holiday season and may you finish all that you have put on your to do, baking, decorating, wrapping, Christmas concerts, and maybe some home renos! Merry Christmas ladies!

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  1. You are the Best in my eyes and you do have a lot to do for this years Christmas. I thank you
    for doing this for our Family this Christmas through very Hard Circumstances. God will send you His love that will hold you and love you even more that me. Mom