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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hip Hop Dancer I am NOT.....But It's fun!

A friend asked me a couple of years ago to join the Adult Hip Hop class that is offered at our kids dance school. I blew it off the first year and then decided that THIS was the year to do it as part of my weight loss and self discovery journey I thought this would be the ultimate "out-of-the-box" experience for myself! I signed up, scared as all heck for the first few classes, waiting patiently for Lindsay to walk in and join me........yup she left me hangin'! I thought about quitting when I found out she couldn't do it this year due to conflicting schedules, or at least that's what she said (lol, kidding Lindsay!) but I had so much fun that I've stuck with it!

After Christmas break we started to learn our routine for the year end show.....(yes a show, where people from Tofield and our surrounding communities fill the bleachers at the arena, and you move, trip, jiggle...I'll stop there, it's making me nervous already!) Our song is "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. We are a short 2 and half months away from this debut, well debut for me the others have done this before! I have put it out of my mind and as the days get closer I get more scared and nervous! But if my daughter can do it, so can I! Right? Right?........right.

The class is a lot of fun, Thursday nights are really the highlight of my week, it's 45 minutes of well deserved "me" time! Our teacher/owner of the dance school, Miss Niki, is so super talented, she can do everything and make it look "easy", she's funny, OMG really funny, patient....I could go on forever about her, (yes, she's one of THOSE!) LOL! She's never made us feel like we CAN'T do a move, she's very encouraging and laughs right along with us, or maybe at us, but I think WITH most of the time.

This week she has added two more members to the group because there were just three of us in the class. Here is Miss Niki's explanation......"So that you guys don't feel so alone out there on that BIG stage, I've invited two student teachers to join you!" Here is my interpretation......"You guys suck so hard that I have to put some talented bodies in the mix so that people will want to join next year!" Ha! (again, only kidding!)

We had our first class with both of them and they are great girls, young, talented super nice and they didn't point and laugh!!!!!
They are so good that they have pretty much mastered the routine in one class that has taken us 3 months! (I will not feel bad about myself, I will not feel bad about myself!) I look forward to the next couple of months of classes and getting the routine to look half decent, half decent because I'm white and there just isn't any denying it! And I pray that I have done enough so that my husband doesn't find a spot to hide under the bleachers while I'm on stage!

I will keep you posted as to how the show turned out, or you may just find us on YouTube! "All the Single Ladies.....All The Single Ladies ".....

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